Trials and Appeals

Litigation (or filing a lawsuit and going to court) can be complicated and stressful whether you are the person bringing the lawsuit or the person being sued, and regardless of what the lawsuit is about.  There are numerous deadlines and legal technicalities that can cause your lawsuit to be thrown out or even have a judgment entered against you before you get to present your case to the judge or jury.  Because of the complicated nature of our legal system it pays to have experienced legal counsel at your side anytime that you are in court.  I have been practicing law for twenty years and have handled hundreds of cases from the magistrate court level to the South Carolina Supreme Court and also in federal court.  I have handled trials and appeals involving personal injuries, contract disputes, mechanic’s liens, mortgage foreclosures, life insurance claims and dozens of other types of disputes.  I will be glad to discuss your lawsuit or appeal with you in complete confidence and in many cases there will not be a fee for the initial conference.